Hosted Custom Software

We build custom experiences on the Internet to enrich your relationships with the people who matter to your enterprise.

Whether you manage a one-person endeavor or a large organization, we will help you engage with your customers, members, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders via tailored systems that incorporate web sites, email, mobile devices, payment gateways, social networks, and other internet services.

  • We'll work with you to understand your goals and challenges, and the business processes and relationships that are critical to your endeavor.
  • We'll identify the areas where online interaction and other software functionality can create the most value for your organization.
  • We'll plan, build, and deliver functionality in small increments to achieve positive results early and often, while flexibly adjusting plans and priorities to track your current business situation.
  • We'll host your software on servers provisioned for your account from one of our top tier virtual server providers or colocation centers, configured for your capacity requirements. We'll manage the ongoing maintenance, backups, and security of the servers.

Payment options

You can pay for your software and hosting in a way that works best for your project and your financial scenario.

  • We offer pre-packaged applications and hosting services at a per-month rate, and bill for data traffic per gigabyte of usage.
  • We can quote you a fixed price for work such as minor visual styling adjustments and incorporation of your designs and digital assets into our pre-packaged applications and tools.
  • We can bill on a time-and-material basis to create custom user interfaces and functionality along with the data models and other software infrastructure needed to make them work.
  • We are amenable to alternative financing methods such as revenue sharing or amortization of development costs, where practical.


Our licensing framework is designed to give you the freedom to use your own technology professionals to handle the ongoing development, hosting, and maintenance of your custom software should you wish to augment our services or port operations to your own team.

  • We license our platform libraries under a dual LGPLv3 / Apache 2.0 Open Source license.
  • We license various pre-packaged applications under the GPLv3 Open Source license.
  • You retain ownership of your data. We can provide you with backup copies on request.
  • For custom software created on a time-and-material basis, we can assign to you the copyright to the work as a whole and to any portions that contain or are based on your own copyrighted assets, and we will provide a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free license to the rest.

Brain Rental

Our founder Michael Toth has decades of experience developing software, a deep technical understanding of the many software, hardware and networking components behind Internet user experiences, and architectural insight into how software systems add value to the efforts of people and organizations.

We're happy to rent Michael out for consultation on your project at rate of $220.00 per hour when available.

We maintain relationships with a variety of skilled professionals such as graphic designers, QA specialists, user experience experts, and marketing consultants, who we can subcontract or refer to you when available.


We can train your employees and associates on the use and care of the applications we build for you. Contact us for more information.

Collaborative Development

If you would like to participate directly in the development process and you or your developers have the required skills and experience, we can provide you with developer level access to the code repository and development environment we maintain for your project, and we can train and support your developers in the use of the open source Spiralcraft Platform. Your developers should have professional experience writing programs, using an integrated development environment and source code control systems, hand-coding HTML and Javascript, building web applications on other platforms, and using other types of tools related to the their intended role in the project.