Founding Purpose

Spiralcraft, Inc. was founded in 1998 to build high-quality, richly customized software at an unprecedented level of cost efficiency to enable small businesses and non-profit organizations to create exceptional online experiences.

Highly customized systems that provide a wide variety of functionality to many users have traditionally been developed using resource intensive approaches that employ large teams of developers and involve a large quantity of code and documents. The cost of personnel, management overhead and ongoing maintenance puts these systems out of reach of small businesses and non-profit organizations. These organizations often settle for commercial "off the shelf" products that have limited flexibility or attempt to create an in-house software shop from scratch, which may be incompatible with the organization's core mission for a variety of reasons.

In response to these issues, Spiralcraft was created to enable small businesses and non-profits to engage with their audiences in novel and innovative ways using custom software that has typically been within the purview of organizations with much larger budgets.


Spiralcraft, Inc. is owned and operated by Michael Toth, founder and Principal Software Architect.

Michael has been developing software professionally since 1990 and as a hobby since 1980. His primary focus is the creation of systems and techniques that enable individual developers and small teams to efficiently construct adaptable, reliable, performant, secure, appealing custom software from reusable, interchangeable parts.

Project Teams

Spiralcraft maintains relationships with independent professionals, such as application developers, graphic artists, project managers, copywriters, etc., who we can bring together as a team to complete your project.

The composition of our project teams are defined by the needs and budget of the specific project. All of the professionals who we work with excel in the practice of applying information technology to create unique experiences and streamline business processes.